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Visual padding was a long awaited feature in Power BI and Microsoft added support for it  in 2023-March release of Power BI. In the past, users had to use dirty workarounds to create padding and this new feature is a great addition to Power BI.

As of May 2023 release, the padding feature has some limitations:

  • Padding adjustments are per side; no shortcut to  adjust top, bottom, left and right  at one go
  • No way to define a default padding at report level

To overcome this issue, we can control the Power BI visual padding using themes.  We will use a simple theme that only adjust the padding for demonstration. Please save the below snippet as a json file so that we can use it as  a theme.

    "name": "Padding Demo",
    "visualStyles": {
        "*": {
            "*": {
                    "left": 20,


To use our new theme,  go to View  > Browse for themes and select the the json file created in previous step. Below screen grab shows the procedure and the end results.

Power BI Padding Demo


One thought on “Power BI Visual Padding using themes”
  1. Thanks Jose, turns out this is not one of the supported styles in so this little blog post was useful for me!

    I did apply the style you suggested (but with 10) and then I had to go over to the individual styles for: Buttons, Slicers, Card, Cardvisual and shape, to add the style with 0, as those objects do not like nice enough IMO with the padding.

    Have a good one, and thanks again

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