In  future proofing group and replace post, I promised to write about generating an email alert when ungrouped data is detected by the flow. We will use that scenario for this post, but the same technique can be applied for a wide variety of other scenarios as well.

Unfortunately Tableau Prep does not have a built in alert feature yet, so we have to depend on Tableau Server. Change the flow in our last post to write the ungrouped data in to Tableau server

Flow To Write Ungrouped Category To Server


Now  let’s create a simple chart that shows the count of the categories as below and publish it to tableau server.

Simple Flow To COunt Ungrouped Categories

Go to Tableau server and open the view. Create an alert for “Number Of Records” Above or Equal To One. If there are no ungrouped categories, our chart will be empty. We will receive a trigger as long as there is at least one ungrouped category detected in the flow.

Alert Configuration

Now play with different input files, you will receive an email if the flow generate any ungrouped categories. (You might need to change the alert frequency during testing as the setting shown will trigger only one email per day).

Sample Alert Email
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