JIRA to Tableau in two lines of Python

Recently, I had to create one  status dashboard for a JIRA project.  Tableau does not connect to JIRA out of the box and you need to purchase a connector to get  this functionality.  Since JIRA has a  REST API, my initial instinct was to build a web data connector. But  it turns out that you can get the JIRA data to Tableau in two lines of python code.

I ended up with writing a python script that runs every hour and dump the JIRA data to a json file. Tableau can consume json file easily and it works for both JIRA cloud and server. Here is the essence of my script.

I know what you are thinking; this is not two lines! Well, it can be written in two lines if you dont care about code styling or PEP-8 compliance.

Remember to select all schema levels when making the connection in Tableau.


Here is a preview of the available fields after creating the connection.

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2 Responses

  1. Mariona says:

    Hi, this is awesome!! Many thanks for sharing 🙂

    Btw, I know this post’s from a while ago but, any chance you could explain how to implement the code (as in, where – never used Python in combo with other software)?



    • Jose Cherian says:

      You can copy the code in to a .py file and run it as a standalone script. (You need to update your JIRA url and credentials).

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