My home state is going through a crisis right now as the largest arch dam in Asia , Idukki Dam is reaching its full reservoir capacity due to unprecedented monsoon rains.  All 5 shutters were opened on 10th August and is still releasing water at a rate of 0.75 million liters  per second  in to the river downstream.Thousands of people became homeless over night and is staying in relief camps.

Accurately predicting the water that reaches the dam is not easy and all models uses approximations. I found an estimate that uses reasonable assumptions at this link and decided to visualize it using Tableau.

Please note that this model exclude following factors:

  1. Water loss due to evaporation
  2. Water loss due to soil absorption

Here is the final outcome. Users can enter the current water level, estimated rainfall and shutter levels to predict the dam level at a specified time in future. Click on the image to open the viz in Tableau Public.


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